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The Suit

*This is a very important page to read in order to help you understand all of the wonderful features of the Bathing Beauty Swim Suit.  This page will assist you in how best to buy the right suit for you, and your daughter.

Thank you for stopping by Bathing Beauty Swim Wear.  I am Crystal Comis,  the founder and designer for Arrayed et Adorned, birth place of the Bathing Beauty Swim Suit for girl, and one day, women.

The Bathing Beauty Swim Suit is a reversible suit.  The entire suit consists of the swim dress, which usually comes 2"-4" down below the bum; and the swim skirt, which comes down about 4"-6" below the bum, and which also includes sewn in briefs.  The skirt is long enough to cover those precious buns during play time but without getting bunch-up around the legs while swimming.   The suit fabric is your normal spandex swim suit fabric. 

The Bathing Beauty Swim Suit is meant to last around two years depending on the rate at which the child grows.  The suit is meant to be fitted the first year and snug the second year.  The pictue above is a good example of what the suit should look like the second year.  That is what I mean by snug.  You can chose a larger suit if you prefer; but the suit is meant to fit like a suit, not a dress.  The two fabrics cause the suit to be much more modest in appearance, more so than a thin, one layered suit.  You cannot see the shape of every body part through these suits.
If you have any questions about how to buy the right size or any other kinds of questions, please e-mail me at

Have a glorious summer,